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HSSA Event – Health Care Team Challenge 2014

The Health Care Team Challenge is an interprofessional student team competition that puts your clinical knowledge and interprofessional teamwork skills to the test!

* * *

Registration forms:

1. Team Registration Form Individual Registration Form
2. Individual Registration Form

How it works:

All teams will be provided the same case stem two weeks before the competition.  Teams will meet, discuss the case, prepare a care plan, and present it on the day of the event – easy, right?

But patient care is never simple, and as their health and circumstances change, so must the care we provide.  Subsequent parts of the case will be given at the competition, encouraging on-the-spot problem solving, collaboration, decision making, and a healthy dose of improvisation.

Teams are allowed to research their cases and consult a clinician or faculty advisor if needed.  Should you have difficulty identifying a mentor, we will be happy to provide one.

* * *


  • Registration deadline is 4:00PM, January 24th, 2014
  • Teams will consist of 4-6 health sciences students registered at the University of Alberta.
    • To ensure a mix of knowledge and skills (and to conform to national guidelines), we ask there be a MAXIMUM of 2 members from the same program in each team.
    • Sign up as a team or individually – don’t worry, we will find you teammates!

To sign up as a team, please download and complete this form (Team Registration Form)

To sign up individually, please download and complete this form (Individual Registration Form)

Submit completed forms to before 4:00PM, January 24th, 2014.

Clinical case stem, challenge toolkit, and team assignments (if applicable) will be sent to teams within a few days.

* * *

The Challenge:

For a better idea of what the HCTC™ consists of for the day of the event, please consult the following sample schedule.


Number Description Estimated Time


Welcome and introduction 5-10 minutes


Read Part 1 of the clinical case 3 minutes


Read question 1 2 minutes


Teams present prepared care plan to audience and judges 10 minutes per team


Read part 2 of the clinical case 3 minutes


Read question 2 2 minutes


Teams to discuss case privately 10 minutes


Teams present care plan to audience and judges 10 minutes per team


Repeat #5-8 for part 3 of the clinical case


Feedback from judges, announcement of winning team 10 minutes


Closing remarks 5 minutes
CHALLENGE TOTAL                     ~3 Hours


The Prize:

Besides the satisfaction of providing exceptional, interdisciplinary care to the virtual patient?  The winning team will be sent to compete nationally at the National HSSA Health Care Team Challenge, travel expenses covered.

* * *

Final Words:

Nervous?  Don’t be!  The HCTC™ is a low-stress competition focused on team collaboration and discussion, not a test of your clinical knowledge.  Check out these videos of past presentations for a better idea, and we hope you will take part in UofA’s first HCTC™!

Healthcare Team Challenge - Poster copy

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