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Health Care Team Challenge: November 7th, 2015!

The Health Care Team Challenge™ is an interprofessional student team competition that puts your clinical knowledge and interprofessional teamwork skills to the test!

How it works:
All teams will be provided the same case stem two weeks before the competition. Teams will meet, discuss the case, prepare a care plan, and present it on the day of the event – easy, right?

But patient care is never simple, and as their health and circumstances change, so must the care we provide. Subsequent parts of the case will be given at the competition, encouraging on-the-spot problem solving, collaboration, decision making, and a healthy dose of improvisation.

Teams are allowed to research their cases and consult a clinician or faculty advisor if needed.

Registration: (Team or Individual) 

Apply here by October 23 before 11:59 p.m!

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