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About HSSA

The University of Alberta Health Sciences Students’ Association is a local chapter of the National Health Sciences Students’ Association (NaHSSA). The NaHSSA is a national collaborative student organization that is composed of 19 local chapters at numerous participating post-secondary institutions in Canada. The University of Alberta HSSA is comprised of the entire student body of all the health sciences faculties at the University of Alberta.

The HSSA is an organization dedicated to the development of trust, acceptance, and understanding of the various health disciplines’ training, expertise, and role in order to promote and achieve excellence in communication and collaboration early in training and throughout lifelong learning. Its function is to influence changes in curricula, increase interactions between the health disciplines, and broaden the scope of interdisciplinary collaboration with an emphasis on the importance of student-driven learning and patient-centered care.



  1. To promote interactive teamwork activities among health and human service students across Canada with their colleagues in different health disciplines, through academic and social events.
  2. To help students understand each other’s roles in delivering patient care by dispelling crippling stereotypes surrounding the health professions, and by fostering respect and trust for fellow colleagues in the healthcare system.


Executive Team 2018-19

Co-President Lillian Moon,

Co-President Dillon Lee,

VP Administration  Zainab Abbasi

VP Social Kaitlyn Snyder,

VP Academic Thom Lee,

VP Academic Anna Lee,

VP Marketing Mina Nagib,

VP Finance Ethos Ho,

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