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Health Care Team Challenge


Sign-up here:

The Health Care Team Challenge™ is an interprofessional student competition that puts your clinical knowledge and interprofessional teamwork skills to the test!

How it works:
All teams will be provided the same case stem one week before the competition. Teams will meet, discuss the case, prepare a care plan, and present it on the day of the event.

However patient care is never simple, and as their health and circumstances change, so must the care we provide. Subsequent parts of the case will be given at the competition, encouraging on-the-spot problem solving, collaboration, decision making, and a healthy dose of improvisation.

Teams are allowed to research using any resource. Consultations with a clinician or faculty member is permitted.


-Registration deadline is on October 26th, 2018 by 11:59 PM
-Teams will consists of 4-6 health sciences students registered at the University of Alberta
-To ensure a mix of knowledge and skills (and to conform to national guidelines), we ask there be a MAXIMUM of 2 members from the same program in each team
-Sign up individually or with a partner. Don’t worry, we will find you teammates and make the teams for you!

Day of the event:

The event will take place on Saturday November 3rd, 2018. Teams will have 8 minutes to present their care plans. After all teams have presented, part 2 of the case will be released and the teams will have 90 minutes during lunch to prepare their care plan. Teams will then have 5 minutes to present the second part of the care plan. Then each team will be given 5 minutes to answer part 3 on the spot.

*Please note that lunch will be provided to all participants, if you have any dietary restrictions please mention them below. We will try our best to accommodate them.

The Prize:

Besides the satisfaction of providing exceptional, interdisciplinary care to the patient, the winning team will be given a $1000 scholarship on behalf of HSSA and HSERC. The winning team will also be on our webpage under the HCTC™ 2018 award recipients.

Final Words:

Nervous? Don’t be! The HCTC™ is a low-stress competition focused on team collaboration and discussion, not a test of your clinical knowledge. The HSSA facebook page has videos of past presentations to give you a better idea, and we hope you will take part of UofA’s HCTC™!

*We ask participants to be committed to the event once registered as it would put your team at a disadvantage if you are unable to commit/attend the event. If you have any additional questions please contact HSSA’s VP Academics with the subject line: HCTC 2018.

Anna D. Lee (
Thom H. Le (


Health Sciences Student Initiative

Hello everyone!
Brand new this year, the Health Sciences Students’ Association (HSSA) has designed a Student Initiative Signup Form! This form was designed to support health sciences students who wish to start an initiative, engage in research, or start a project that pertains to health science students. We hope to provide human resource support to such initiatives and foster the growth of health science student-run projects. Our aim is to establish meaningful inter-professional collaboration. If you are interested, describe your initiative using the form. This will ensure that HSSA can provide you with relevant and beneficial support, and connect you to other resources or inter-professional representatives. We look forward to working with you! 
Previous student initiatives that were supported by the HSSA include:
1) Research: Health sciences students and their perceptions of using spacers with inhalers 
2) Initiative: Questions: About Alberta Healthcare System
3) Event: HSSA candy grams for Christmas
4) Lunch and Learns
5) Others

Lock & Key Party!

“Attention fellow healthcare friends!

The Health Sciences Students Association (HSSA) is hosting the annual Lock and Key Party on September 14th, 2018!


The Lock & Key party “unlocks” the door for healthcare students to get to know each other outside of the classroom!

Throughout the night you will try to match with as many locks/keys as you can (with the added bonus of getting to know your future healthcare colleagues).

When you and a new friend have a compatible lock and key, your names will be entered into a draw for a prize! What better way to reunite with old friends and make some new ones!

Who? YOU! Plus students from Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Public Health, Medical Lab Sciences and more!

Where? The Pint on Whyte

How? Tickets are available through your faculty IP rep, IP Launch HSSA table, or at the door! 5$ cash only!

When? Friday, September 14th, with the unlocking to commence at 8:30pm.”

Let’s have a great time!








IP Launch 2018!

Interprofessional Pathway Launch 2018

Welcome new & returning Health Science Students!


Please stay tuned for upcoming events