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HSSA Executive Team




Ami Vora is a second year student in medicine. She loves photography and martial arts! She joined the HSSA because she believes that the importance of interprofessional collaboration is underrepresented in the program specific curriculums possibly due to the pre-existing high density profession-specific content. The HSSA provides a platform for her and her team to advocate for health science students to have increasing numbers of opportunities to engage in interprofessional collaborative practice training and experience. She lives by the philosophy of completing the task with 100% effort whether or not you wish to do the task–don’t waste time by doing something halfheartedly.

VP Administration

Lillian Moon

VP Finance

Mike Song is currently in his third year of pharmacy. He is very passionate about autodidactic and is currently learning about the core truths of finance–which is surprisingly an artisan field. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and playing tennis and squash. He joined the HSSA to pursue his goals of fostering partnerships and networks with other health professions and businesses that promote health and wellness.


VP Academic

Dillon Lee is a second-year student in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. In her role as the HSSA Vice President of Academic, she is excited to plan and organize academic events that support your clinical and interprofessional learning. As the recipient of UAlberta LEAP research award, she pursues bench top, qualitative, QI, and other types of research projects. In her spare time, Dillon loves to visit Guru Nanak Dev Healing Garden at the UAH and enjoy Cheese Croissant and Chai Latte. She greatly looks forward to meeting you at the HSSA events!

Please reach out to Dillon if you would like to organize seminars, research meetings, info sessions, etc. for your health sciences student group.”


VP Recruitment

Michael Tiet is currently in his third year of pharmacy school where he enjoys spending time memorizing drug names, etc, etc–just kidding! Pharmacy school has been a remarkable experience up to this point for him. He has been able to meet several inspiring and amazing people during his time in pharmacy school so far. On his spare time, he enjoys sightseeing and trying out new restaurants that people recommend. He also enjoys spending time with his friends talking about life and what the future holds for them. He joined the HSSA due to his interest in “interprofessionalism”, a word/concept thrown around a lot in healthcare practice, and it reminds him of how important it is to healthcare professionals to work together to provide care to a patient. From INT D to our practices in the future, he believes HSSA can culture and promote this concept of interprofessionalism. His philosophy in life is to be true to others and to yourself.

VP Social 



VP Marketing

Richelle Domingo is a fourth year nursing student and is also the Co-President for the student group the Student Health Committee. She is passionate about health and believes it should be viewed in a holistic manner. Besides nursing, she plays video games, takes pictures for fun (Instagram anyone?) and watches anime–did we mention she loves fruit? She joined the HSSA because she believes it is an honour to be able to work with others who have the same passion for health as she does; She also believes in the power of collaboration and making meaningful connections through interprofessionalism in healthcare. On a final note, she thoroughly believes in putting 100% in anything–not donating blood though.

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